Pre Book Launch

Posted On Mar 19, 2024 |

It is with the greatest of excitement that I can now share with you the release date for the new version of the antenna book.

Frontiers in Energy Medicine Vol.1
Unlock the Enigma of Energy Healing

Good Friday – the 29th March 2024
is launch day
when the paperback and Ebook will be available on AMAZON.

Excellence is really important to me, and because I want the paperback to last for years as a Reference Guide, I have gone for the BeST quality paper and colour printing.

I am so excited to see the Lecher antenna find its true home. and to give more people the opportunity to learn about this fabulous tool. This new home is a home where the world of science meets the truly holistic world of well-being, where we embrace the natural science of the work within.

This third edition expands on previous versions with new chapters, including my personal story, testimonials and a forward by John Cross FCSP. A prolific author on the subject of energy medicine, John has provided a bridge between holistic health and allopathic health in relation to the chakras, with reflex points on various areas of the body, and especially with the spine.

Previous newsletters, shared over the past couple of months, introduce the first chapter as my vision of energy in medicine and in life, and the book also tells us the history and value that the Lecher antenna has brought to mankind over the past 100 years. The Lecher antenna originally changed the face of communication across distance, and now, allows us to balance ourselves more holistically with the natures’ forces of life here on Earth.

Sharing with you the Amazon ‘blurb’ prior to launch as

food for thought.

What is energy healing? And what is the role of basic physics in the mind, body, spirit connection?

For thousands of years, practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and other ancient practises, have used the body’s own energy to promote healing. These ancient systems use different words - ‘Qi’ or 'Prana' or ‘Reiki’ - however they are all talking about the vital life force, the energy which illuminates our cells, and which can be optimised to promote healing.

Frontiers in Energy Medicine takes us back in time, to the breakthroughs in science which enabled communication across distance and demonstrates how these principles still apply to the alignment of mind, body, and spirit. It provides the vocabulary to allow energy in health to be discussed in an objective way, observing health as the ability to manage the body efficiently, to enhance wellbeing in the face of life's challenges.

This book makes energetic health accessible to everyone. It introduces the reader to the historical and practical significance of the Lecher Antenna and explains how this simple and effective tool unlocks the mysteries of our connection with the natural forces of vitality - literally placing our health in our hands.

Carol Robertson is a health professional with solid grounding in structural and functional anatomy, and a respected international teacher of the ACMOS Method. Using a very down to earth approach she allows everyone, from beginner to advanced practitioner, to leave this book with new skills and a different view of the energetics which underpin life here on Earth.

It's odd writing about yourself, and also oddly exposing to place that information out there in the virtual world with all its judgement and comparison. When we produce a work of heart and soul, it becomes like our child, to be nurtured and protected. Fear is not far away as I expose my child to this crazy world that we currently live in. My hope is that this book offers a beacon of light, an insightful experience, a chance to see things differently to these who have not yet walked our path in energetic health.

Times are changing and people are looking outside the old ways, they are seeking new, innovative solutions which place their health and their resilience - their well-being in the face of their complicated lives – back in their hands. And we as practitioners are ideally placed to help transform and empower our clients to reach new heights, to strive for higher goals and change forever their perception of their lives.

Will you help our mission?

Will you help by sharing the news that there is a new reference guide out there, one which opens a hidden world of subconscious resonance, and gives the knowledge and skills to modify the underlying interference patterns, and to create harmony where there may be dis-ease?

And finally for today’s newsletter insight and to share my fascination for the importance and meaning we give to words, I share with you the NHS definition of wellbeing:

  • Feeling good and functioning well
  • Comprises an individual’s experience of their life
  • And a comparison of life circumstances within social norms and values

I have yet to find a definition of health or well-being which demands a complete eradication of symptoms, yet somehow people expect energy healing to magically relieve all of life’s inherited programmes, manifestations and acquired symptoms.

I would love to hear your thoughts around what you mean by healing, and to share these within the community. Look forwards to hearing from you.

Love and light,