The Ethics of BeST Resonant Health

ACMOS Practitioners will treat you with RESPECT and SENSITIVITY

We will follow the instructions of your energy body with compassion and respect regardless of age, creed, colour, physical and emotional problems.

 Our attitude will be non-judgmental and caring.

ACMOS Practitioners will act with HONESTY and INTEGRITY

Members of AAMPuk will only work to balance your energy body with your express consent. We will endeavour to explain the energy balance in as straightforward a manner as the client wishes. We will be sensitively honest in all of our communication and practise.

ACMOS Practitioners will act with OBJECTIVITY
The process of Acmos Energy Balancing shall be based on the evidence of the Acmos instruments and the protocols of the Method. It shall not be influenced by the practitioner's personal beliefs

ACMOS Practitioners will treat your information with strict CONFIDENTIALITY

We understand that the conversations sometimes raised during an Acmos Energy Balance can be sensitive in nature. All information whether written, verbal or energetic shall remain completely confidential. Findings may be shared with the SBJ Technical & Research Centre in Paris with your written permission.

ACMOS Practitioners will work in a SAFE and compassionate ENVIRONMENT

Energy balancing will take place in a suitable environment to support the physical and emotional requirements of the balancing process.

ACMOS Practitioners will act to maintain their own energy balance and WELLBEING

The energetic quality of the Acmos Practitioner is extremely important to the process therefore the practitioner will take all reasonable steps to maintain their energetic quality and wellbeing by having regular energy balances

The combination of the Lecher Antenna and the Acmos instruments provides a systematic method of communication between the body of the person who is being balanced and the practitioner.

The remedy chosen by the body indicates to the practitioner the origin of the disharmony which led to the disease. Any changes are immediately visible on the biofeedback tester or with the antenna which shows the symmetry of the bio-fields.