The Fundamental Triad of Life

Posted On Apr 03, 2024 |

Welcome to our Winter Series of newsletters Part 2

So, what is life? Which aspects of health care – or wholeness are we addressing when we talk about energy as part of health? What is the fundamental triad?

The physical body
– a collective of 50 trillion working cells. The body is working 24 hours per day, even as we sleep our body is working and work requires energy. We are born of energy – conceived from the energy of two humans, created at the point of nuclear fusion of two cells, the egg, and the sperm. Throughout our lifetimes we gain energy from food and energy from the air we breathe, but we also absorb energy directly from sunlight. Energy drives our body!

Our physical structure is a working factory, building, repairing, growing, and eliminating waste products – this work starts from the moment of conception and some of this work continues, at a cellular level as the body slows down, after we depart our mortal form.

Work – a quintessential aspect of physics.

The emotional body and mind manifest our state of charge. So what does charge mean in this context? Big emotions carry big charge, whether negative or positive, they create a movement of energy, a change in voltage, which creates or drives a current as this electrical charge passes through electrically conductive tissues (the nervous system is a great conductor) and out as a vibration into our auric fields. So, the charge is bigger than the body.

If you are sensitive, you can feel the charge emanating from other people, a charge which fluctuates with their emotional state. In this context charge relates to bio or living electricity, the electromagnetic effect of thoughts and feelings. Have you ever felt the hairs on your skin stand on end? As charge dissipates through your system.

The mind not only requires energy for its structure to function, but it also causes a charged reaction in our environment. Managing our emotions requires us to regulate this charge, upregulating and downregulating as appropriate to each situation. Electromagnetic change or energetic change in the nervous system, and in the emotional state. Physics!

And the spirit and the soul. Have you ever considered the soul through the lens of physics? The vital life force which animates our form with life, the vibration of who we truly are.

And spirit, the energy from which we come, the connection with all things that we maintain throughout our lives, and which eventually returns home to whence we came. Call it by whichever name you believe, there is no denying that there is a unifying force in the universe, a divine order to all things. Invisible, undetectable to most bodily senses, the vibrations of the soul and the spirit exist as ripples or waves, moving in the spaces within us and around us, mini or macro distortions fabric of the universe, and that’s physics too.

Always thinking out of the box and connecting anatomy with energy!