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Posted On Apr 03, 2024 |

Welcome to our winter series of newsletters Part 4

Hi Carol,

At this point in history, we are struggling to cope with the stress and crises we have faced over the past few years. It is almost as if we are being challenged to raise our vibration. We live in the face of planetary tensions and global events, heat, wind, flooding, and storms – these are the stories of 2023. Global threats put us under pressure, and as a result extremes of natural tensions explode as wars – neighbourhood wars, political wrangling and devastating international wars. Humans have an ancient inbuilt tendency to revert to our innate tribal instincts when we feel under pressure. We blame our neighbours, families, and foes – and if we feel under enough pressure we fight.

To top this new era in human history, hasn’t our health been challenged with pandemics over recent years? Pandemics of symptoms such as fatigue and anxiety. The global population of 15.1% (adults) and 6.0% (minors) complain of fatigue, while 10.1% of adults and 1.5% of minors are suffering from chronic fatigue respectively. (2) The adult population is approximately 2/3rds of the Earth’s population of 8 billion people (3) which means that 533 million adults have chronic fatigue >6 months.

Symptoms of dis ‘ease’ are exacerbated by fears over viral impact, and/or perception of vaccination threat. Fear is an enormous user of energy, so no matter what we believe, the impact on our psyche and our energetics has been huge – and is ongoing.

So why is now a good time to embrace the energetic aspects of health?

Well, I believe that now is the time to take care of our ‘selves’, to nurture our bodies, sooth our souls, and support our connection with the natural sciences of life. Not only our biology and our biochemistry but also our connection with biophysics –and influence of the energetic forces on lifeforms, forces that are always present. It is time to explore and connect with the natural physics which allows life to thrive here on earth. Plant-life, animal life, microscopic life, all exist because of natural sunlight. Our sweet spot in the galaxy means that our sun is not too hot when balanced by the natural defences of the earth.

These forces have danced together since before the dawn of life on Earth, and we all exist in a natural balance with the sun’s cosmic force and the Earth’s telluric force today.

See you for part FIVE soon,

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(3) World Population Clock: 8.1 billion People (LIVE, Nov 2023)
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