Embracing the Natural Sciences of Life

Posted On Apr 03, 2024 |

Welcome to our winter series of

newsletters Part 5

What can we do now to celebrate advances in innovative and cutting-edge therapies?

By embracing the physics of life, and a tool to measure interpret and recalibrate our energy body, we can be more comfortable, more at ‘ease’ amid the chaos around us. We can take back a sense of control, of being able to do something to support our wellbeing.

We can measure our connections with the sun and the earth, we can assess the impact of foods, supplements, people, places, and things. We can influence how we tune in with natures balance, and we can reset our connections, like switching on a light then adjusting the dimmer switch to the most comfortable setting.

Energy work is not magical, but neither is it as mysterious as some would have us believe. It is a work in progress. The roots of the word energy derive from the work within. And the etymology or root of physics is the natural science.

The natural science of the work within

How beautiful to be able to access this information and enhance our lives

So, have you considered moving beyond dowsing? Exploring the realms of questioning, with measurable tolerance testing, and the ability to reactivate energy. Using physics to enhance the ability of the body, mind, and spirit to adapt and self-manage in the face of social, physical, and emotional challenges – to improve health?

So, allow me if you will, to present to you the Lecher Antenna, a tool, a gadget, a scientifically calibrated instrument. An instrument which can open information pathways and find the answers to questions which may not even exist yet. Once called nature’s best kept secret (Michael Brooking) the Lecher antenna has a long and distinguished career in radio and television, and now is its time to shine in the wellbeing sector.

Watch The Lecher antenna explanation Here

The Antenna is the gateway tool into a whole new realm of Assessment, Analysis, and Activation of energy. For those who wish to dive even deeper into the energetic realms; where anatomy meets physics to promote healing, then please contact me for a short chat to see how we can best serve you.

Take the first step towards mastering energy healing techniques. Join the Lecher Antenna Course now!

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